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You can visit our online store to purchase our Organic Chicken and Eggs. We also allow for baby chicks purchases as well.


Order Reviewed for accuracy

We receive your order and carefully review it for how the chicken must be cut and other specifics. Order is then confirmed and scheduled for delivery.


Prepped and delivered

Most orders are prepped on the day of delivery. ie We only decapitate a chicken which has to go out the same day. Chicken is only frozen on request.


We Take The Humane Approach

We believe in treating everyone with respect; that also involves our animals. Even though some were created for food, we always try to give that animal a decent living.

Our chickens are only raised on non GMO foods, 100% organic feed and a combination of sprouted seeds / beans. Additionally, we try to keep them alive as long as possible which means avoiding senseless butchering.


We love our Layers

These layers have given us so much joy since they came into our lives back in 2019. They are more than a source of nutrition for us, they are our pets!

We feed them the same diet as our meat birds with a little twist, we have to keep rotating their diets to keep them interested. One week we may give them organic feed, then the next week they’re eating watermelon and cucumber. They are very picky eaters so we have to keep them entertained.

One key factor you may not be aware of are our broilers only stay with us for approximately 12 weeks – 15 weeks, however, our layers stay with us for up to 3 years. They become apart of the family very quickly.

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